1 Degree

    At One Degree, we believe that a concept like learning at the end of the day has to reflect as an activity that is adding tangible value. Learning that provides a feel good and momentary awareness is of little use in today's scenario. Time today is a huge constraint, apart from carrying a price tag. So any time devoted towards any activity, including learning, has to show some positive desired results.


    The Learning Systems that we implement here at One Degree have ingrained the thought process mentioned above. Our Learning System is categorized into two:

  • Any short term intervention where imparting of certain defined learning is carried out.
  • A medium term process, whereby a project is undertaken with an Organization. The Project has clear defined objectives after a thorough organizational analysis. The methodology of imparting learning involves Training, Consulting, Coaching- Group and 1 on1, Mentoring, Hand Holding and such other methods.

Our Training is truly world class because we put our lives into creating a difference through it. A program isn't a formality for us. It's important. Not boring the crowd is important. Them learning and liking us is important. The Management obtaining value for the rupee is important. Excellent Content, Supreme Delivery and an unflinching commitment to making a difference is crucial. We creating a long-term partnership with our clients is important. Our approach is rare because we are committed and competent.