Decipher Group

At One Degree, we believe that a concept like learning at the end of the day has to reflect as an activity that is adding tangible value. Learning that provides a feel good and momentary awareness is of little use in today's scenario. Time today is a huge constraint, apart from carrying a price tag. So any time devoted towards any activity, including learning, has to show some positive desired results.


We at Cinnabar Events & Entertainment believe that we can raise the bar and create newer benchmarks. We believe we can create memorable occasions, infinite celebrations. We believe we can inspire trust and leave our customers with a smile of satisfaction. Our expertise in aspects of Management, an innovative approach and fresh ideas add to our ability of creating grand and successful events.


Hessonite as a brand we deal with Corporate Gifting. Corporate Gifting in our period of research, prior to our aggressive foray, in our eyes, remained one with a lot lacking in it. Corporate Gifting Companies played sorry middlemen, beaten and restricted by the whims and fancies of the Manufacturers with deep pockets. Innovation seemed unnecessary, ideas seemed scarce. Quotes corresponded directly proportionately with the ignorance level of the client. An unorganized, beaureucratic approach seemed to be the overwhelming flavor.


Travel Haze as a brand we deal with complete travel solutions. In today's times lives are hectic. Time is at a premium. A nice Holiday, even more so. A Breather is essential for survival. A break or a holiday has to have the feel, the sense of one. A holiday cannot be another thing that one plans, strategies, creates plan B's and judges to perfection. Then won't that be like work itself? A holiday is that- a Holiday! A break from the routine and the usual. Many people today compromise keeping affordability in mind. A compromised holiday isn't all that much fun isn't it? Wouldn't it be ideal if some Genie planned your holiday (based on a framework of course), delivered things at your door step without troubling you or your pocket, made sure he gave you what he promised and more, and also ensured that you have the time of your life? Almost done to perfection.