Corporate Gifting in our period of research, prior to our aggressive foray, in our eyes, remained one with a lot lacking in it. Corporate Gifting Companies played sorry middlemen, beaten and restricted by the whims and fancies of the Manufacturers with deep pockets. Innovation seemed unnecessary, ideas seemed scarce. Quotes corresponded directly proportionately with the ignorance level of the client. An unorganized, beaureucratic approach seemed to be the overwhelming flavor.


    In such a scenario, we saw a vacuum. A vacuum of Faith, from the client to the Service provider. A vacuum of information, on the basis of which a fair deal can be worked on. A vacuum of a systematic, committed approach towards quality and price. So we forayed into the sector with zeal and aggression. In our time in this space, our commitment, extra-mile effort, impeccable research, relationship building skills have served us well and added to our repertoire. Hessonite today, is a brand that is trusted and stands for all this and a lot more.